Before invest trade in Cryptocurrency market, you need to know which Cryptocurrency exchange is safe and secure and best? You should pick up the best from the top ten Crypto exchanges. Generally, I have categorized two types of Crypto brokerage. Step by step in this article I will explain here. For the time being in force, it is not too late to invest in Cryptocurrency. Because in the writing time Cryptocurrency marketcapital hold $344 billion as per Coinmarketcap.

At the first step to trading and investing, you need to choose an exchange. Though last year Bitcoin drop its value and now hold on $11000. In this case exchange are slightly low trading volumes, trying to keep up growing.

However as a Crypto beginners, check out this guideline and reviews so that you can select best and top Crypto exchanges. However, from the ton of the exchange and wallets I will publish here only Top Ten Crypto Exchanges.

Top 10 Crypto Fiat Exchanges

1. Coinbase


Coinbase is United State base one of the giant Cryptocurrency exchanges. Since 2013 this Crypto broker has a good and bad history. In my review and depth overview you will be able to evaluate is this exchange trustworthy or not.

Coinbase is supporting about 33 countries around the world. They contain more than 20 million users from all over the world. Moreover, it’s wide range service covered for Bitcoin buy with bank account, Credit card and prepaid card. Also, SEPA transfer, Interact Online payment and included multiple payment method.

This exchange is backed by some core USA investor and another great things is highly secure broker. Moreover, the exchange offer service on an exchange, wallet, and developer API. Bitcoin buyers are like this brokerage because of  it’s easy interface.

Actually, this giant brokerage started in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Though they started to Bitcoin selling buy steadily, but in the meantime, they extended their services. Basically, Coinbase is an oldest Bitcoin and Crypto exchange. Moreover, it is fully regulated and licensed. In the last year they lunch Coinbase Pro advance Crypto exchange platform.

Pros: Instant buy opportunity, high liquidity and credit card purchase

Cons: User activities record and limited payment method

  • Payment method are include bank transfer, credit card
  • Fees are average 1.49% for standard buy and 3.99% for credit card buys.
  • User about 5.1 million
  • Country hosted United State
  • Official website link Coinbase

2. Spectrocoin

spectrocoin review

Use of Cryptocurrency has grown widely worldwide. As a result, number of Crypto entrepreneur are come with different service and innovative concept in the Crypto market place. As a part of this service Crypto exchange company, trading and investment offer are getting more popular.

Just like other Crypto merchant service provider, Spectrocoin act as a cryptocurrency exchange. also includes debit card and payment processor service for Bitcoin and altcoins.

More than 150 country are supported by this new growing Crypto exchange payment service company. Not only they have grown popularity within a short time, but also have 182, 000 active clients around the world.

An attractive client dashboard with all the supported currency wallets. Moreover, clean and easy to navigate dashboard give you the opportunity to browse their website. BNK ICO token their own currency coin that was started with a successful ICO.

Pros: multi payment method and multi country supported. Moreover, instant Crypto buy with VISA card.

Cons: As per online there have many negative review and client bad experience in this platform.

  • Payment method are include bank transfer, VISA Card, Skrill, PerfectMoney etc.
  • Fees are average 5.5 deposit with card and withdrawal 2.5 with Skrill.
  • User about 182,000
  • Country Lithuanian and office also in UK
  • Official website link Spectrocoin

3. Bitpanda

bitpanda in top ten crypto exchange

Another reputable big Cryptocurrency exchange name is Bitpanda. When it comes to knowing trusted and secure Crypto brokerage than this is one of them. Moreover, Bitpanda has been around since 2014 in Europe. Also the exchange is completely automated to buy and selling Bitcoin for buyer and seller.

Therefore, through Bitpanda you can send coin directly to the wallets. Company’s service price a little bit high as per market price. Basically, “Bitpanda service” give you buying opportunity with cash-equivalent coupon codes.

As my personal experience this platform needs verification to get customer fully advantage. Additionally, any part of the world, user can trade, deposit and send Crypto assert to their wallets.

However, they trade with most of the top Cryptocurrency on this platform. Moreover, you can user many payment methods to deposit and withdrawal. In this exchange fiat to Crypto exchange is easy.

Pros: Variety of payment method, newbies friendly as well as relatively low fees.

Cons: Service are not available worldwide moreover fees are state of explicitly

  • Payment method are Credit Debit card, SEPA Bank transfer, Netteler, Skrill etc.
  • Fees for buying 1.49% and 1.29% for selling
  • User over 850,000 registered.
  • Country Vienna, Austria
  • Official website Bitpanda

4. Coinmama

coinmama exchanges

Since 2013 Coinmama is one of the leading digital Crypto currency exchange. Number one featured is customer can buy Bitcoin instantly with a credit card. Additionally, this reputable exchange started in Slovakia but now headquartered is also available in Israel.

More than 200 county support around the world. Not only as many countries, but also service include 24 US States. However, using your credit and debit cards you can buy Ethereum and Bitcoin smoothly.

It is mentioned-able that Coinmama does not provide directly a trading platform nor directly sell altcoins. However, it started with a few Crypto assert, but now extended with LTC, ADA, QTUM, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple XRP.

In this brokerage a number of customer database includes. So, advance level and beginner trader interested in this exchange. Moreover, to get proper advantage you need to complete KYC verification process.

Pros: Instant buying opportunity, clean interface as well as instant support.

Cons: Relatively high fees and appropriately not directly a trading platform.

  • Payment as Crypto coins and as fiat currency and master card supported.
  • Fees are average 5% and SEPA payment with 0% fees
  • User more than 1 million
  • Country Israel
  • Official website Coinmama

5. CEX.IO In Top Ten Crypto Exchanges


cex in top ten crypto exchange

One of the most beneficial of CEX is buying Bitcoin with credit card and also free with bank transfers. However, it was started in 2013 in London. Initially CEX providing service on Bitcoin and as a mining pool. But in 2015 it was the stooped mining service. So, at the time this old exchange providing services as a Bitcoin and a range of cryptocurrency exchange.

The broker offers cross platform trading using web, mobile apps Web-socket and Rest API. Moreover, it is pretty good for several account systems and for the beginner as well as institutional traders.

Therefore, users can transfer money to their bank account. Also use of credit card is one of the most important to grow the popularity of this exchange. However, there have four level account verification step. Those are the basics, verified, individual business and corporate.

Finally. CEX is a great reputed Cryptocurrency exchange. It is also among top ten Crypto exchange and one of them. Moreover, it is a registered company. Not only for particular area, but also register by USA with FinCEN. Also respectively register on ICO in the UK and EU.

Pros: Beginner friendly interface, accept credit card and easy to KYC verification.

Cons: Higher fees and limited currency’s. Also some people review as missing fund.

  • Payment Credit card as well as bank transfer.
  • Fees average 2.9%
  • User more than 1 million as per CEX website data
  • Country ‎London, United Kingdom
  • Official website

6. Kraken In Top ten Crypto exchanges


kraken exchange

Kraken started in 2011 but publicly lunch in 2013 as a top European exchange with fiat brokerage like JPY, EUR, GBP and USD. It is an old poplar Cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading volume is decent, particularly for the JPY BTC pair.

Though you can not purchase Bitcoin directly through credit card. But you have an option to margin trade. A clean interface and user friendly functionality give you smooth trading experience.

This is one of the secure digital assert exchange platform. Additionally, there have to factor verification system and PGP/GPG encryption. Kraken has a dark pool service. As a result, the privet securities exchange allows large amount of trading opportunity with anonymously.

In this reputable Cryptocurrency exchange have beginner to advance level trading opportunity. Moreover, large liquidity, cold storage, secure funds, 5x leverage trading and automated trading advantage. As a result, the exchange platform is extended in the US, Canada, Japan, and various European nations.

Pros: High security, reputable and Bitcoin to EUR liquidity.

Cons: Site error and support response slow. Moreover, no phone support.

  • Payment Crypto wallet, SEFA, and bank transfer supported.
  • Fees are vary and average $5 to $10
  • Country ‎ California, United State
  • Official website Kraken

7. LocalBitcoins

localbitcoins in top ten crypto exchange

This is a particular exchange to buy Bitcoin with peer-to-peer manner. So, the exchange is available to buy Bitcoin locally or online. Simply you need to create an account. And LocalBitcoins give you a wallet. With your preferable payment method you can buy BTC from another who is selling Bitcoin.

Though it was started in 2012 in Finland by Nikolaus Kangas. Additionally, LocalBitcoin is a p2p Bitcoin market place. So, buy Bitcoin with match buyers and sellers. Moreover, individually two parties communicate with each other and exchange offers.

There has some transaction example made by scammers on this platform. Many people think, this exchange is much more risky. So before doing any transaction, be sure the real seller and check their reputation.

You can buy Bitcoin with anonymously. Also to ensure secure transaction they measure some of the components. The compositions are reputable, escrow, 2FA, login guard and support and conflict regulation.

Pros: Multi payment option. Quack transaction and worldwide service.

Cons: Scammers are available and somewhere high fees

  • Payment method are PayPal, Wire transfer and more.
  • Fees average 1%
  • Country ‎ Finland
  • Official website LocalBitcoins

8. Bitstamp is in the top ten Crypto exchanges List

spectrocoin review

Since 2011 Bitstamp is a trusted and reputable Cryptocurrency brokerage in Europe. Not only in Europe, but also around the world. Belgium base financial institution acquired this company in 2018. Hopefully, it is positioned in the top exchange in Europe. This brokerage had an office in Luxembourg, London and New York.

However, Bitstamp have intermediate and experience investor and traders. The exchange contains secure, trusted and sophisticated cryptocurrency charts. It also has user friendly interface. If you compare with Binance or Kucoin than it’s Crypto assert is limited. But the exchange with fiat currency give its value.

In a nutshell, reputation, design, security, fees and customer support Bitstamp is a great exchange. AS a result we prefer to list in our Top Ten Crypto exchanges list. Hacking is a common incident in the internet. So, Crypto is not out of them. In 2014 to 2015 this exchange hacked and stolen more than 19000 BTC.

In a conclusion this Crypto brokerage does not offer a wide variety of altcoins like other but they support fiat to to Crypto trade and withdrawal.

Pros: High liquidity as well as strong reputation and low fees.

Cons: High card fees as well as limited trading pairs.

  • Payment method are Credit card, wire transfer and SEPA..
  • Fees average is 0.20%
  • Country ‎ support Luxembourg
  • Official website Bitstamp

9. Gemini

spectrocoin review

As the list of top ten Crypto exchanges Gemini is one of them. Since 2015 the platform founded by the Winklevoss twins. Significantly the brokerage gain trading market in the Cryptosphere. Additionally, they place top 20 Bitcoin trading volume position after the Crypto market.

The exchange is New York base and fully adhere the banking standards. Moreover, Gemini have institutional and individual customers. Additionally, one of the mention able point is traditional financial markets as well as the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In this section Gemini has some great key points. Those are great functionality, high security, fantastic customer support and international availability. So most of the clients like this exchange. Personally, I like to trade on this platform.

Account registration process is easy as well as deposit fund easily. Anyone can buy Bitcoin and Etherium easily from Gemini. In this trading platform market is available 24 hours. 7Days a week. Generally, trading limit daily $500 and monthly $15000.

Pros: High liquidity, security and low fees.

Cons: Limited currency and there have no phone support.

  • Payment method are Credit card, wire transfer and SEPA..
  • Fees average is 0.001 BTC.
  • Country United State
  • Official website Gemini

10. Bittrex

spectrocoin review
Surly Bitrex is one of the top ten crypto exchanges over the Cryptocurrency market. Secure and trustworthy. The exchange is at Washington, USA base popular Cryptocurrency exchange. Approximately 190 cryptocurrencies enlisted on the platform. A number of European clients trade one the brokerage.

About 284 unique currency pairings are listed. Anyone can trade as a low fee like flat 0.25%. So if you compare with the other exchange than that is really good. The platform is user friendly and build in using elastic computing. As a result trader can trade quickly.

However, trading volume is better than another. The trading volume is about $33,555,622 as I last checked. Basically the exchange is beginner friendly. The advance trading chart gives you great trading options and opportunity.

One thing, you can only trade only Crypto to crypto. There have also complained that there customer support are irresponsible. It will take long time to get a reply from the supporting team.

Pros: Many trading pairs and low fees.

Cons: only support Cryto to Crypto trading.

  • Payment method BTC with more than 130 currency.
  • Fees average is flat 0.25%.
  • Country United State
  • Official website Bittrex

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2020

The world is changing every moment. So top ten Crypto Exchange rates are changing. As 2020 top Cryptocurrency exchanges are bellow from our eyes after analyses. Every Crypto brokerage has the good and bad history with their trading volume, security issues and customer support. So over the internet search and reputation we bring a short list here by ranking.

We listed top Crypto exchange by ranking with top website recommendation.


Definetly Binance is most popular digital currency exchange by mlions people. As a Crypto to Crypto trading place this is numner one platform. Binance trading volume is hifh in the Crypto market.

Mobile app and first growing Cryptocurrency exchagne Binace have great reputation. One of the great things is Binace trading and trasaction fees is very low than others. For an example the 0.1% standard trading fee.

Who give first rank:,


Coinbase is one of the top Cryptocurrency exchange company over the internet. There have two version of Coinbase exchange one is traditional ( old version) and another is Coinbase-pro.

Basically, instant BTC perches opportunity with debit credit card is this platform specialty. USA base brokarage where user can intrigrate their bank account the the account.

Who give first rank:,,,

How to Choose A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Consider this point before joining to any Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Basically, to buy Cryptocurrency selecting exchange platform is a complicate things in 2020. Over the Crypto market more than 200 Crypto broker trading and exchanging with billions dollar in 24 hour market volumes.

last year more 1 billion USD stolen from Cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, a number of price down. Though recently, exchanges securities are expanded their security level but still it is important to choose reputable exchange platform. Like Mt. Gox hack one of the top Crypto exchange incident. Here are some of the point you should follow.

  • Geographical location and restrictions;
  • Transaction fees;
  • Security, anonymity, and support;
  • UI and ease of use;
  • Volume and liquidity.

In conclusion we are mention top ten Crypto fiat exchange in this list. So if you think there have something wrong than comment bellow. We appreciate your opinions. We will try our best to give you true and trusted reviews on every exchange.