What are the Top Ten Crypto Coins In 2019 is the trending question over the Cryptocurrency sphere. You know Cryptocurrency market is always fluctuating and speculative. Right now more than 1500 Cryptocurrency are trading over the Cryptocurrency exchanges. Though the volume is low or high. Moreover, all of them are not shit coin! Basically 300 to 400 Crypto coins are good. Only 10 or a little bit more is world class Cryptocurrency. Definitely Bitcoin is king among the all Crypto coins.

Many exchanges are fake as per their trading volume. As per Bitwise report on Twitter revealed that they do fake trading to attract new trader. For instant OK Ex and Huobi. However, we are not going to talk about that we are going to bring the top ten Crypto coins in this article. So, lets see what are best Crypto coins we bring after analysis.

Top Ten Crypto Coins In 2019 By Market Capital

1. Bitcoin – BTC

Bitcoin in the top ten crypto coins


Honestly Bitcoin is worth first rank in the Top Ten Crypto Coins. No doubt Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency ever. Bitcoin created in 2018 by someone apparently name Satoshi Nakamoto. So, it is the best electronics peer to peer cash system. In 2017 Bitcoin price was an explosion. The price raise about $20000.

As per global interest it is now a legitimate payment method over the internet. The main featured is fast moving and low transaction fees. So day by day as it moves toward a world currency. The technology behind this currency open distributed ledger called Block chain. The total amount of BTC is 21,000,000.

Core developer of the coin is Wladimir J. van der Laan. Since 2014 he rolls over to develop the coin. With the mining process news Bitcoin are generated. Hopefully in 2041 Bitcoin reach maximum 21 million. For an in-depth look at Bitcoin you might read our another article Bitcoin beginner guide.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin founder – S. Nakamoto

Pros: Bitcoin is faster, cheaper and secure global payment system.

Cons: The technology is not easy as well as depend on mining.

  • Started in 2018
  • Founder of the coin Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Maximum supply is 21,000,00
  • Official link
  • Bitcoin price more than $6000. The highest price $20,000 in 2017 last.

2. Ethereum – ETH



In this review Top Ten Crypto Coins In 2019 list Etherium is number two. Ether is 2d valuable Cryptocurrency by market-cap. It is not only a cryptocurrency but also a decentralize app development platform. So it is much more than a currency. Ether is the blockchain base platform.

Founder of the Ethereum is Vitalik Buterin. It helps to create ERC-20 Tokens with smart contract. However, it just like a native cryptocurrency. Moreover, all the transaction goes Ethereum blockchain.

The interesting thing is you can start an idea or project through the Ethereum blockchain. In this case you don’t need to lunch your own blockchain. Simply use the Ether Blockchain network. So anyone can launch initial coin offering ICO. To learn more about Ethereum read the Ethereum Basic Beginners Guide.

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Founder – Vitalik Buterin

Pros: Ethereum transaction is first than Bitcoin. Smart contract is another advantage.

Cons: It has scalability issue as well as only support solidity programing language.

  • Started in 2015
  • Founder of the coin Vitalik Buterin
  • Circulating Supply is 105,941,153 ETH
  • Official link
  • Ethereum price more than $163. The highest price $1200 in 2017 last.

3. Ripple – XRP

Ripple in Top Ten Crypto Coins


Ripel is another big thing is the top ten Crypto coins. It is top circulated Cryptocurrency lunch in 2012. However, this unique Crypto reveille into solving world payment solutions. The intention of the coin is to provide internationally cheap and fast payment transactions.

Total market circulation of the Ripple is 100 billion XRP. Additionally, this 100 billions exist ever. It is mention able is that 50 billion are owned by Ripple company.

In a short Rippel is a centralize Cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is not like decentralize Cryptocurrency. The most advantage of the coin is legal money transfer around the world. Moreover you can read Ripple beginner guide.

Chris Larsen

Ripple Founder – Chris Larsen

Pros: When the traditional bank takes wreaks there Rippel need few minutes to transfer money worldwide.

Cons: A large portion of coin the own itself. Ripple also a centralize Coins.

  • Started in 2012
  • Founder of the coin Chris Larsen
  • Maximum Supply is 100,000,000,000 XRP
  • Official link
  • Repple price at this $0.30 The highest price $4 in 2017 last.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH in Top Ten Crypto Coins

Bitcoin cash is forked from core Bitcoin. It happened in 2016. Basically, this fork come from after disagreeing as require some Bitcoin code change. Bitcoin record update code, but some developer disagrees with it. As a result, they fork BCH.

Note: Note: A fork is when a cryptocurrency is split into two. Parent cryptocurrencies retain their features while the child cryptocurrency undergoes technological improvements.

Actually developer wanted to solve some issue like scalability and Bitcoin transaction fees. Here is the key point is Bitcoin cash transaction is more first main Bitcoin. For instant BTC is 1 MB and BCH is 8MB. Moreover read Bitcoin basic beginner guide.

Roger Ver

Main BCH supporter

Pros: This coin is Top Ten Crypto Coins list In 2019, low fees and advance than Bitcoin.

Cons: Not like decentralize as Bitcoin as well as not available like Bitcoin.

  • Started in 2016
  • Supporter of the coin Roger Ver
  • Maximum Supply is 21,000,000 BCH
  • Official link
  • BCH Cash price at this $294. The highest price was $4000 in 2017 last.

5. Litecoin – LTC

litecoin in Top Ten Crypto Coins

Litecoin is another fork of Bitcoin. It is an old Coin that was lunched in 2011. So this cryptocurrency is faster and lighter. Moreover, Bitcoin need to create every 10 minutes where Litecoin need every 2.5 minutes. Note only faster transaction, but also cheaper than Bitcoin.

This is peer to peer internet money system. That is almost zero cost money transfer system around the world. Litecoin is popular for decentralize, highly secure and for open source.

Dramatically Litecoin price surge 7000% in 2017. Although it was started with $4. Moreover, this Cryptocurrency staying for a long time in Top Ten Crypto Coins list. Also with a capital of approximately $9.64 billion. Read more about Litecoin beginner guide.

Charlie Lee Litecoin

Litecoin Charlie Lee

Pros: Ii is fast, low fees and open source.

Cons: Mining is herder like BTC.

  • Started in 2011
  • Develop by Charlie Lee
  • Maximum Supply is 84,000,000 LTC
  • Official link
  • LTC price at this $72. The highest price was $380 in 2017 last.

6. EOS

eos in Top Ten Crypto Coins


Basically EOS develop by block. one for the commercial purpose decentralize application. Through this Crypto application developer allow special business logic. People can use like website framework.

The core facility of the coin is scalability and ownership transaction process. It is one kind of block chain development projects over the Crypto world. Using this application developer can idea about the hosting cost.

Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer

However, it was first created in 2017 with an ERC20 token. In a short period, it makes its position in Top Ten Crypto Coins. Basically, this is built for decentralize application development platform. Still are you interested than read details EOS Cryptocurrency explain.

Pros: EOS is more fast than Ethereum as well as transaction per second 10-100k.

Cons: User is limited around the Cryptospace.

  • Started in 2017
  • Develop by Dan Larimer
  • Total Supply is 1,044,603,345 EOS
  • Official link
  • EOS price at this time $4.77. The highest price was $18 in 2017 last.

7. Stellar XLM Top Ten Crypto Coins

 stellar in Top Ten Crypto Coins

This is one of the top ten Crypto coins queue. Jed McCaleb was the founder of this coin like Rippel. This Cryptocurrency mission is to provide service on cross-border payment. This stable Crypto was give hard forked to Ripple.

It bring efficient payment solution worldwide in secure way. The interesting and important things is Stellar is a non-profit organization. So we bring this coin in our top ten Crypto coins in 2019.

It was established in 2014 and recently in 217 increase number of transactions. Stellar is a non profit project and people trust this coin as decentralize coin. Already blockchain.com has added this coin.

Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb

Pros: High speed and low transaction fees.

Cons: The coin is facing high competitions.

  • Started in 2004
  • Develop by Jed McCaleb
  • Total Supply is 104,942,387,317 XLM
  • Official link
  • XLM price at this time $0.09. The highest price was $0.90 in 2017 last.

8. Cardano


This particular Cryptocurrency coin founder is Charles Hoskinson. He is also a co-founder of the Ethereum. Since 2017 Cardano is similar role as Ethereum. This platform gives the opportunity to build decentralize app and smart contrast.

It is one of the first Crypto project. For example, to understand Cardano it is a similar type like EOS, NEO and base Ethereum technology. Moreover, an expert group of Crypto space think it’s the 3rd and most advanced generation of blockchain technology yet.

As a new Cryptocurrency this Crypto coin price and use case grow rapidly. At the recent it grows up to $9.35 billion market capitalization. Moreover, in 2017 it increases the price dramatically 500% in 3 months. The price chart goes $0.20 to $1.20 within a short time.

Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson

Pros: Behind the Cardano their have a strong research scientist team.

Cons: A lot of work is incomplete as per their proposal.

  • Started in 2017
  • Develop Charles Hoskinson
  • Total Supply is 31,112,483,745 ADA
  • Official link
  • ADA price at this time $0.06. The highest price was $1.15 in 2017 last.

9. Tron in Top Ten Crypto Coins list

Tron IOTA in Top Ten Crypto Coins

Incredibly, this is one of the top coin over the cryptocurrency world. This coin intention to grow decentralize internet and free content produce using the block chain system. Is is allow decentralize application as well as smart contact free everyone.

As per this platform network technology transaction made fast and scalability with high computing power. Tron is really promising coin in the Cryptocurrency market. So you can buy some coin to know the advantage.

Coinmarketcap reputation Tron archive #1 rank. Moreover, at this writing time Tron market capital more than $1,604,283,628 USD. In the near futures I think this may goes more than $10.

CEO Justin Sun

CEO Justin Sun

Pros: popular by media content publisher.

Cons: Their have competitors.

  • Started in 2017
  • Founder and CEO Justin Sun
  • Total Supply is 99,281,283,754 TRX
  • Official link
  • ADA price at this time $0.001. The highest price was $0.30 in 2017 last.

10. IOTA

IOTA in Top Ten Crypto Coins

No doubt IOTA is the most unique coin among the top ten Crypto. Moreover, IOTA is using fully alternative technology than the other. This platform uses protocol ‘Tangle’ block chain technology. It is part of an Internet-of-Things (IoT).

May be you know it is communicating with different object with sensors through the web. So this particular technology uses this for more secure, seamless and scalable. The important things is it will reduce costs like zero transaction fees than others.

Most of the coin struggle for scalability issue where IOTA stands with infinite scalability. Recently we have faced security issues with Tangle. In addition, if it develops than IOTA could go down.

Sergey Ivancheglo

Sergey Ivancheglo

Pros: New technology as well as almost fees transaction cost.

Cons: The coin is facing high competitions with IOT.

  • Started in 2015
  • Founder Sergey Ivancheglo
  • Total Supply is 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
  • Official link
  • IOTA price at this time $0.29. The highest price was $5 in 2017 last.

Alternative Top Ten Crypto Coins

In a conclusion, we have skipped Tether and Binance coin in this article. Because publicly it is not accepted in various matter.