Top 10 Crypto Friendly Countries In The World, who is accepted Cryptocurrency payments, trading or investing decisive legislation way. Many country’s in the world does not accept Bitcoin or any ALT-coins as a payment system. Moreover, some country completely banned the digital currency. However, in this article I will covered and focused which country are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency friendly as well as tax policy and their government stance favors.

In addition I will try my best to provide information about those country’s. Moreover, I will include trusted references as I find around the web.

Top 10 List of Crypto Friendly Countries

1. Malta, 2. Japan,  3. Switzerland,  4. Hong Kong, 5. Slovenia, 6. Singapore, 7. Estonia, 8. Bermuda, 9. Belarus, 10. Germany.

Bitcoin is the largest and as much as accepted Cryptocurrency in the world. People can transfer money very short time one place to another place in the world. You need a wallet and internet connection send and receive Crypto money.

But the problem is a number of country’s are not allowed it’s use for their tax and government financial policy. Because it harms their tax income system. On the other, some country’s understand the ecosystem payment revolutionary.So let’s see those Crypto friendly country’s.



1. Malta

Malta is a Cryptocurrency friendly Southern European island. So, the country’s is populated with 460,000 people as well as 316 km2 area. Also, they are used EUR as their currency. In addition to Malta main business in port trading, aircraft, ship registration and gaming business.

As per reference this country is a Crypto haven for their legislation. Moreover, it do not have a property tax. For trad tax they impose “global residents” are 35%. Many cryptocurrency companies going to this country to relocate there Crypto office.

Malta has done many legislative activities for a better Crypto friendly country. Moreover, their intention is to become a “Blockchain island’. Additionally foreigner are not under income tax as a result foreigner seam this is Crypto have an island.

  • think Malta is the EU’s Crypto leader as well as not impose property taxes.
  • Even no tax for foreign income. In 2018 Malta give comprehensive Cryptocurrency regulatory for Crypto business.
  • The Malta prim minister takes Crypto and blockchain taken positively
  • Their minister say that Malta is “The Blockchain Island.”
  • In 2017 a reputable banks cancels accepting Cryptocurrency but reactive after a few days.
  • Top exchange in Malta 1. Coinbase
Crypto in Japan


2. Japan

Doubtless Japan is the world most technology base countries. Moreover, Satoshi Nakamoto who was the creator and developer of world first Cryptocurrency Bit Coin. In addition, Japan in Asia is the top Cryptocurrency trader country.

In the current time huge number to Japanese retail store are accepting Bitcoin as well as Crypto. However, in April 2017 sudden China banned Cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Japan come by to give Cryptocurrency as legal tender under the Payment Services Act.

In 2017 last, Japanese lawmakers come to impose a tax change — from 55% to a flat rate of 20% on capital gains. So the country is really Crypto and blockchain friendly. Additionally, in 2017 more than 200 companies registered to get Crypto exchange licenses.

  • In April 2017 officially Japan validate Cryptocurrency.
  • Moreover Japan Yen accounts approximately 50% Bitcoin trade.
  • It is one of the top progressive Crypto friendly Country.
  • They also make a solution for Crypto in G20
  • Japanese biggest railway company accept Bitcoin
  • Top exchange in Japan 1. Bitflyer 2. Coincheck

3. Switzerland

This is one of the economically rich country in the world. Moreover, political neutrality and banking privacy this country is famous. However, many Crypto related business are held in this country. Such ad Shapeshift and Xapo.

So Switzerland is a top ranking Cryptocurrency friendly country in the world. Moreover, a Swiss town of Zug is known as “Crypto Valley,”. Because there law and regulation are Crypto friendly. For an instant, they pay utility bills with Bitcoin. Also, they accept railway ticket pay with Bitcoin.

It is also considered for tax mining profit, self earning and salary. In general, we see Switzerland is a Crypto tax haven. For example. They follow Swiss Federal Tax Administration’s year-end average prices.

  • Top Crypto business Shapeshift and Xapo lunch from this country.
  • Moreover, people pay their utility bill with Bitcoin.
  • Swiss state railway accept BTC for tickets.
  • They conversion their tax rule in German-language papers
  • This country is Crypto tax haven.
  • Top exchange in Japan 1. Coinbase 2. Coinmama

4. Bermuda

This Crypto friendly country is not a big country. As a small country of Caribbean Island, approximately 65,000 people live here. They use their own dollar and in this country many people doing business. Additionally, here is 15000 register different business company offices.

However, in this country four major banks operate. One of the high GDP in the world. Hopefully, it is another tax friendly country. It has no VAT, nor any corporate, income, wealth or capital gains taxes. In instance world faint company Google is taking this tax advantage.

In 2017 as per government website report they appreciate Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But they committed to protect any type of crime using Crypto. Moreover Bermuda virtual currency act. For startup business they prefer to regulate Crypto friendly law. To lunch any ICO, KYC is mandatory.

  • Bermuda active for anti money laundering and Crypto friendly law.
  • Moreover, KYC is mandatory for any ICO project.
  • Crypto gain exchange Binance sign with Bermuda finance minister for investing here.
  • This country is Crypto tax haven.
  • Top exchange in Japan 1. Binanc

5. Hong Kong

It is an important region of China. Hong Kong is situated southern part of the country. Moreover, this country is famous for business administration and good economy. Over 7 million population in this small country.

Their currency HKD and Bitcoin is not under regulation. No VAT applies for Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin regulation is so friendly. They considered Bitcoin like a commodity than a currency. Recently their financial watchdog regular monitoring Crypto.

At this point we strongly consider as in top 10 Crypto friendly countries. However, many banks seam Bitcoin is not always friendly. Additionally, one of the Bank closed Gate-coin exchange.

  • In Hong Kong VAT and tax is not mandatory for Bitcoin.
  • Moreover, Bitcoin act as a commodity category in this country.
  • Thier financial service authorities think Crypto had no “visible impact”.
  • Honk Kong bank always not positive at Crypto.
  • Top exchange in Japan 1. Bitfinix

6. Belarus

More than 10,000,000 people of Belarus and their economic base on manufacturing type. Moreover, this country rises IT related services and attention foreign investment. Recently they have brought a Crypt friendly law.

Since 2013 there is no tax no taxation of mining, trading, also related to Bitcoin business. Bitcoin gifts and inheritances are also not apply for tax. Moreover, foreign business contacted free from tax.

In their country Block chain technology fully valid. Not only Block chain but also all types of Crypto business. For instant, initial coin offering, mining firm, smart contact as well as exchanges.

  • Government take Crypto positively for develop IT projects.
  • Moreover, They take positive step for Bitcoin traders.
  • For instant Bitcoin trade, mining and business are exempt from tax.
  • Their financial minister assist to make a Crypto rules for the county..
  • Top exchange in Belarous 1. Currency

7. Dubai

Arab Emirate of Dubai is a Muslim country who is one of the top Cryptocurrency friendly country in the world. Since the beginning of Crypto this country using and take it positive. Recently they are one of the helping country of blockchain technology.

Already this desert country take many positive step for Bitcoin. Hopefully, they are maintain all the government activities through blockchain technology. Basically, they bring land properties management through blockchain.

So, overall step for the government we bring in our top ten Cryptocurrency country this is an ideal example. They have already introduced new token for their country.

  • Government start work on different Crypto .
  • Moreover, They take positive step for Bitcoin traders.
  • For instant Bitcoin trade, mining and business are exempt from tax.
  • Their financial minister assist to make a Crypto rules for the county..
  • Top exchange in Dubai 1. Cryptobulls

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