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Security is an extreme topic to pay attention to when selecting an exchange. Security becomes a two way thought. First the protection of the users’ funds and information, should be put primary. Second, is the protection of the exchange’s assets which keeps the crypto ecosystem going. For example, exchanges that keep deposits in a cold storage venue have eliminated the possibility of hackers reaching the crypto. A cold storage wallet is offline. ProperSix is offering their customers this solution, which is great addition!

Quality Exchange

Two-factor authentication is a very common option given to users on an quality exchange. This option will increase your accounts security two fold. ProperSix is introducing a level beyond Google 2FA, known as Hydrogen Raindrop MFA, which is a six layer authentication system. This occurs by encrypting customer data into a ledger that cannot be accessed without the private encrypted key! Lastly, e-mail verification options. This allows the user to confirm transactions that have occurred on their account. That way if a hacker does get to your information, your e-mail may be the last chance to stop the attack. Never use the same passwords for your crypto accounts and e-mail.

Geographical regions are another primary aspect to observe when looking for a quality crypto exchange. A trader wants to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange being used is legal to operate within the jurisdiction in which trading is occurring. This may be an important aspect to remember regarding paying taxes or helpful to avoid a random audit. Thankfully, ProperSix is a registered company. This exchange is licensed to do legal transactions in fiat currency and various crypto. The ProperSix Casino platform allows for a quality adventure, hope you play soon!
The Proper Six team currently has a board of directors in place ensuring that the company and project stay productive in value creation. Their marketing team has been nonstop over the last year ensuring that the Pro6 Token will gain notability. This ensures that as quarter three of 2020 approaches, a possible security token will be officially launched! With this said, it may be safe to assume that the ProperSix name will cover most of the known world.

It is understandable that the crypto space is still the Wild West and there is a lot of risk involved in choosing the best place to park your fiat in hopes of a return. ProperSix trading platform alone will rival many. With that said, it is very clear that ProperSix wants the crypto community to know they are here to stay for a while and plan to grow with the community, through time. Take a moment and check their YouTube channel out. You will get an up close look at what the project looks like, especially the Casino platform...

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