Incentivizing Consumers to Build a Better Climate — The Green Token Mechanics  

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The RED Platform, it’s Green Token and Cost Efficiency

The main obstacles to entering the household and renewable energy markets include the build of a capital-intensive infrastructure and automated processes necessary to handle large numbers of low volume consumption orders. As the current models do not ensure a direct connection between consumers and producers, and between producers themselves, the transition to using green energy sources is still one that moves very slow to be able to liaise all into a network.

As you all know, we partnered with SWAZM Blockchain and created the RED PLATFORM (RED-P), a peer-to-peer system, aiming to evolve consumers into prosumers, both consumers and possible producers of energy in tomorrow’s society. The platform is a blockchain-based decentralized energy platform, that functions as a peer-to-peer direct trading system between consumers and energy producers. It incentivizes consumers to use green energy by awarding them green certificates, which they can later transaction within the network.

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