Decentralizing Content Creation (episode #1) — How Can Blockchain Help With Monetization?  

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Monetize Content Via Blockchain Peer-To-Peer Networks

Content monetization is strongly tied to the available technology that allows creators to put their skills and talents in practice. The more they create, the more they’ll need a trusted system to cater to their monetization needs, growing audiences and need of feeling free doing their craft. As the creators’ number grows each day, we are expected to make use of the new technology that suits their monetization needs.

This is the beginning of an article series here on Medium, discussing all the implications regarding content creation, hosting and storage capabilities. We are here to support the development of your most daring projects. We are going beyond the cloud. Join us in the journey to decentralize the Internet as we know it. Welcome to SWAZM!

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Empire Market is hot, new and growing for the ceiling of dark web market on the hidden network.
It takes almoust all of it's central features from now Alphabay. And claims itself a successor of it.
The legitimacy of It's mirrors can be verifiable by using the dark web market’s own link-verifier page
If URLs links out of work, here is the URL where you can find active tor marketplace mirrors

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Empire Market is fresh, original and expanding for the ceiling of dark web market on the tor.

It collects practically all of it's majormain features from now Alphabay. And claims itself a replacement of it.

The reliability of It's URL can be confirmable by using the onion marketplace's own link-verifier page .

If onion link links out of work, here is the URLs where you can find new tor market mirrors